3 Keys to Scaling Your 1:1 Services

Mar 03 2022


All I ever used to hear about in the online business space was that I needed to turn my 1:1 services into a course…

Or that leading a group program was the answer to a scalable business…

Or that I was only ONE FUNNEL AWAY from success…

So I spun my wheels for years trying to do it all, until I realized that I didn’t need to do ANY of that.

I could keep helping people 1:1 AND make the impact that I want, I just needed to map everything out so that I could offer a premium experience that keeps me in my zone of genius.

Because here’s what I’ve found that the gurus aren’t teaching – you CAN scale your business while continuing to provide the elevated 1:1 services to the clients you love.

And you don’t have to build a complex value ladder to reach 10k, 20k, 50k months and beyond. It doesn’t have to be like that.

When you integrate the beating heart of your business and the systems and processes that power it, you’ll have a valuable asset that works for you on autopilot to keep your projects on track while building trust and respect with your clients.

That means you have more time to grow your business and live your life without drowning in an endless flood of emails and admin tasks.

I’ve been designing and building website systems for over 20 years (I started as a teen with a hobby that turned me into an entrepreneur) and over that time I’ve worked with enough stressed out entrepreneurs and struggling agencies to have found that there are 3 KEYS to scaling your 1:1 services without sacrificing your time.

Key #1 – It starts from the bottom of your heart

People need your help. They need YOU and the service you provide, in the unique way only you can do.

And I’m betting you want to be able to scale while continuing to serve your dreamy 1:1 clients rather than creating a new group program, course, or complex info product funnel.

So if you want to serve more people in your current DFY capacity, you either need to magically find more hours in the day or you need to build a system that helps you automate as much of your business as possible.

Obviously time turners aren’t real outside of Hogwarts, so systems and automation are the way to go.

First you’ll need to define 3 things about your brand.

  1. Your Heart
  2. Your Offer
  3. Your Customer Journey

Once you know what drives your business, what you’re offering, and how you want your clients to navigate working with you, that’s when you can start planning, branding, and building your system to reflect the heart of your business.

Key #2 – Align your systems with the heart of your brand

First, you’ll need to take your customer journey, and map it out into repeatable processes.

Next, you’ll plan, brand, and build the system behind the heart.

That means you need to integrate all the different platforms that you use to run your business.

Every touchpoint your client encounters with you should feel seamless and on brand.

  • Your website
  • Your client dashboard
  • The emails and documents you send

It all works together to effortlessly communicate your value and expertise every step of the way.

Doing this improves your success rate for your client while saving you time and ensuring you offer a premium experience to all your clients, every time.

Key #3 – Keep it current

This may seem obvious but it’s something I’ve noticed that a lot of people put off or forget to consider when building their business systems.

You need to know how to keep your system current. And then actually keep it that way.

You don’t want some fragile thing you can’t change, and you definitely don’t want an outsider holding all the keys to your castle because it’s YOUR business and it’s always going to be evolving.

So you need to know how to keep the system current as you refine your processes and scale your business.

And when you want to hand off those tasks to your team, you’ll need to have the processes already in place to allow them to keep your system up to date with your goals easily and without worry.

These 3 keys are the basis of what I call the Heartbeat System.

My zone of genius is helping exceptional service providers who are ready to achieve the next level and scale their business with high ticket, 1:1/DFY offers implement the Heartbeat System in their business.

Over the course of a full 12 months, we’ll work together to define, align, and refine your business so that you can systemize your zone of genius and scale your services to $10k+ months.

If this sounds like a dream come true for your business, I’d love to hop on a free 15 minute, NO PITCH call with you where I’ll review your current website and offer strategies on what you can do to start scaling your offers right away.

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