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Our people are the dreamers who create magic out of thin air.

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I’m Natasha Cozad and I founded Elvenmade to help creatives scale their passion profitably without sacrificing time or quality.

Forever ago, when I first started designing (way back in 1997), online marketing basically revolved around a website. My early clients usually came to me with a fuzzy logo that needed to be recreated digitally. Beyond that, the website would dictate the color palette, fonts, and the entire marketing strategy from there.

But the internet evolved, and now we’re all hyper-aware of branding and marketing. What sets the success stories apart from everyone else is that they built an audience and then served them well. Businesses that fail to foster a connection with their audience generally struggle to scale.

But a premium brand isn’t just a logo or color palette.

A premium brand experience can help your company make the impact it was meant to make.

  • It’s steeped in strategy and each touchpoint has a purpose.
  • It’s everything from your voice and messaging to the experience you provide both before and after you make the sale.
  • It’s in the way you support your clients ... and in the way you deal with haters.

The people we work with are the ones who have to make it work because they are otherwise unemployable.

The oddities. The weirdos. The ones who create because you can’t stop, won’t stop.

It’s in your spirit to make things from nothing.

More than that, you’ve refused the notion of the starving artist and have ditched the feast/famine cycle. You’re bringing revenue in, but you know your growth would be exponential if you looked and moved as the premium brand your offers and products embody.

That’s where Elvenmade comes in.

With over 20 years of experience holding your hand through the ups and downs of scaling your business, we'll help you go from your current "frazzled with a side of DIY" vibe to being able to work with more clients while ALSO having more time for what matters.

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15 Days of Surprises

We’re counting down to winter break with free templates, training, and discounts!