Done with Done in a Day

Jan 01 2022


Last year, I decided to stop playing small.

After struggling for years to find clients, I knew if I was ever going to claw my way out of poverty, I had to disrupt the pattern in a major way.

So I went all in and hired a mentor to help me nail down my messaging, but what has happened since then has completely transformed my entire business model.

See, I used to offer VIP days, where we’d get whatever we could get done in one day.

There was no list of deliverables.

No guaranteed outcome.

That model just wasn’t working for me.

Now, I only work with 1:1 service providers (like designers, writers, accountants, and photographers) who are ready to commit to transforming their business over the course of the next 12 months.

Now, I make sure we have the time to get everything done.

I mean…


Over 12 whole months.

Building a scalable system that acts like the heartbeat of your business takes time to grow, and time to refine it too.

First, we gotta nail down your processes and define a high ticket signature offer (if you don’t have one already).

We also need to figure out where your existing offers need to go and if they need to change.

We define all this stuff first so that we have a client journey map that we’ll follow as we integrate and align your website, CRM, and other tools which will elevate your client experience so you can get higher success rates for your clients and confidently scale without sacrificing your time.

If you think your business would run better if you could systemize your zone of genius, I have 2 spots open for March.

Book a free 15min System Audit to get your customized, next-step strategy for scaling your services.

Branding that captivates vanishing attention spans.

Are you next?