Some clients come into your life and stay for a while. CSC was one of those clients.

From 2015 to 2022 we regularly did design work for everything from the websites, to brand collateral like stickers, tapes, pamphlets, business cards, trade show displays, and whatever else they needed to establish themselves as the premiere resource for supplies in Northeast Missouri.

In 2015, a local agricultural business contacted me about a new website and some design updates. They had just taken the business over and renamed it from GSC to CSC (the G was for the former owner’s name, I believe).

From the start, we knew we needed to balance the old branding with the new.

The business was already well-established within the local market and we needed to maintain that link while breathing new life into the brand. We kept the existing eagle and modified the monogram to reflect the new name. We pulled the brand into this century with a modern font that tied the old to the evolution.

Sometimes we went too modern and needed to sacrifice style for the target market of older farmers. It happens! Rebranding is always a delicate balance and keeping your target market centered is the only way to go.

Pressure Washers

One of their big ticket items was a line of industrial pressure washers. These were proprietary designed machines, customized for each business.

I designed large, heavy-duty stickers to brand the water tanks. The tank design was actually one time when we went too modern and had to dial it back.

Packing Tape

We designed clear packing tape for them to easily level up their customer experience and give delivery and unboxing a memorable touch.

Marketing Strategy & Design

Trade Show

Trade shows were a large part of the marketing strategy, so we put together a booth display that consisted of a large backdrop, table cover and banner, and plastic bags to stash literature and goodies inside.

Web Design

The website actually evolved twice over our time together. Once back in 2015, and then again in 2019.


Back in 2015, we officially launched the first website for Contractor Supply Corporation.

Everything was hand-coded and developed, and it was one of my first responsive websites.

Pressure Washers

Their flagship product was a line of customizable pressure washers.

I built a lead generation wizard for their customers to be able to build a pressure washer to their own specs. CSC would then followup and begin their fulfillment processes. This wizard was a hit with their customers, and had a high conversion rate both on the frontend and the backend.

Tech Stack

  • Custom Dev: Natasha Cozad
  • Hosting: Siteground
  • CMS: WordPress


In 2019, I moved from Siteground to Cloudways. I had also begun experimenting with VIP days. This perfect storm lead to a special redesign of the CSC website.

We took the opportunity to lean into the bolder colors we had used for the trade show display and added some modern elements to the UI like full screen, scrollable panels and sleek, angled sections.

Tech Stack

  • Hosting: Cloudways
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Page Builder: Elementor

Social Media

The marketing strategy for CSC centered almost entirely offline but they maintained a presence on Facebook.

Other Brands

We also designed other brands for CSC’s parent company. They were always evolving their services and offerings and often wanted a logo to test new things.

Branding that captivates vanishing attention spans.

Are you next?