Weave chaos into order so you can profitably scale your passion.

You’re a coach or creative pro and you want to scale your business without sacrificing your time but you don’t want to add more programs or offers.

You can create a premium client experience using smart systems and automation but only when you understand the steps everyone needs to take to achieve the best result you can provide. If you knew every star in your constellation of customer service you could anticipate and exceed your client’s expectations.

You ARE meant for more than burnout and working yourself to the bone.

Client Journey Mapping Sessions

1:1 DWY sessions that are designed to help you go from overworked and burned out to an easy, breezy scaling machine.

You’re ready to scale to the next level…

But you haven’t been able to without sacrificing your time or the quality of your work.

Not to mention the cacophony of marketing gurus saying you need a group program or a value ladder to successfully scale when you might just need to sort out your systems and get a little bit of your genius out on paper.

You ARE ready to leap to the next level and scale your business while living the good life you’ve designed for yourself.

The Constellation of Service

I’m Natasha Cozad and I founded Elvenmade to create marketing systems for the counterculture.

I help coaches and creatives sustain a happy and secure life while doing what lights them up.

I know what it means to need more time outside of your business, and I also know what it feels like to want to keep serving clients at a higher capacity without having to create a complicated value ladder.

I'm a 30-something, post-menopausal mom to a grown kid and a toddler with a mile-wide entrepreneurial streak, and I’m on a mission to help other coaches and creatives scale their businesses successfully.

How it works

Map your client journey with me over two (1-hour) calls.


In our first session, we’ll map out the entire process of working with your clients by documenting each step they might take from lead generation to offboarding so that you can confidently predict the experience you’re providing them.

The result: You’ll have a documented customer journey map from lead generation through fulfillment to offboarding and loyalty.


In our second session, we’ll turn those steps into a detailed list of touchpoints that will make up your Constellation of Service so that you can scale your business without sacrificing your time or the quality of your work.

The result: You’ll have a database of touchpoints to flesh out that will elevate your client experience and streamline your processes.

Book now and claim a starlit future for your business.

What's included

Constellation of Service Sessions

We’ll align your goals and offers and then map out the touchpoints to support them over your choice of either one 2-hour call, or two 1-hour calls.

Client Journey Map

We’ll turn your processes into a customer journey map that takes people from lead gen to loyalty.

Touchpoint Database

We’ll take your Client Journey Map and create a detailed list of steps to keep track of all your touchpoints in Notion or Google Sheets format.


System Planner Notion Template

You’ll also receive a bonus project management template for Notion to turn your touchpoints into an easy-to-execute plan.

Ready to map your Constellation of Service?

  • 2x 1-hour 1:1 sessions
  • Client Journey Map
  • Touchpoint Database
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Answers to Your Questions

Balance passion with profit without sacrificing time or quality.

When we team up you can look forward to a streamlined client journey, the tools to make it happen, and 25+ years of experience holding your hand through it all. Limited spots available for these transformative sessions.

Book now and claim a starlit future for your business.

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