Your business is already in bloom, now you need the right strategy & systems to sustainably flourish.

That logo you did in Canva and the website that took you a year to piece together aren’t cutting it anymore. Your business needs a presence that inspires your audience to work with you and the systems to support them (and you!) every step of the way.

You want a cohesive brand experience from lead gen to loyalty that…

  • Establishes your authority and builds trust with your audience.
  • Turns your paid and organic traffic into effortless conversions and sales.
  • Inspires confidence in what you offer and how you present it.

You dream of creating a legacy for future generations and know you are here to make a substantial impact with your company.

Introducing the Grand Rebrand

A full-service package created to help you go from busted brand to sweet streamlined sustainability.

Rebranding is more than just a fresh look.

It’s about ensuring you can sustain a happy and secure life while doing what actually lights you up. When you rebrand the right way, you completely revitalize the way your business looks and operates.

Whether you're a coach or a creative (or both), you know you can't operate within a rigid system that boxes you in. You also know you need more structure than what you have now if you’re going to keep crushing your goals.

You want to balance passion with profit without losing the magic and to do that you need clarity, streamlined processes, and an authentic brand identity.

You need help separating your creative passion from the necessary steps to scale; you're tired of the plateau you’ve found yourself on.

I’m Natasha Cozad and I founded Elvenmade to bring bold branding to the counterculture.

Forever ago, when I first started, online marketing revolved around having a website. My early design clients usually came to me with a fuzzy logo that needed to be recreated digitally. Beyond that, the website would dictate the color palette, fonts, and the entire marketing strategy from there.

But the internet evolved, and now we’re all hyper-aware of branding and marketing.

Your business has to boldly stand out so that people can actually see you among the waves of beige so that you can foster a connection with them. A cohesive brand experience helps your company make the impact it was meant to make.

After years of niching down to exclusively building systems, I missed being able to elevate a business with branding and marketing assets, too. Everything from illustration, color theory, to pattern design just makes my heart sing, and when you pair it with sexy systems that can sustain your passion and creativity without suffocating it? 🤌

So, I founded Elvenmade to bring bold branding and high quality customer experience to the counterculture. I’m here to empower creative professionals to stand up and create a world that reflects them.

The Grand Rebrand Process

The Vision

We'll dig deep for the ultimate vision of the company and the best strategy to reach your short and long-term goals without burning out.

The Design

We'll create an extensive brand identity that brings your vision to life, effortlessly calls in your people, and communicates value.

The Guide

A complete, customized guide full of assets, knowledge, and techniques makes it easy for you and your team to stay on brand.

The System

After we map your customer journey, we'll create a website that is built for conversion and streamlines your client experience.

Together they weave a compelling brand story that resonates deeply with your audience, fosters connection and loyalty, and expands your reach and influence.

What's included

Mapping Your Constellation of Service

We’ll align your goals and offers and then map out the systems to support them over your choice of either one 2-hour call, or two 1-hour calls.

Complete Brand Identity

A responsive logo suite (primary and alternate lockups, brand mark, brand icon), accessibility-aware typography and colors, and design elements such as patterns, textures, and graphics to match.

Central Website Hub

A custom-designed, WordPress-powered marketing hub that elevates your customer experience and streamlines your processes.

Day of Refinery

After we launch your new systems, you’ll be able to book a Day of Refinery to either expand on your marketing materials or make changes to the system to make sure everything is exceptional.


Managed Hosting for a Year

Your website will be hosted on our premium Digital Ocean servers and we’ll take care of licensing all the plugins we use for the first year. You can take your system and go at any point, or stay and lock in your rate (currently $99/mo).

Client Love

A rare combination of talent, skills, and empathy

There is a rare class of web developer who can take a website mockup or site plan in almost any condition and just run with it. There is an equally rare class of web designer that can make something out of almost nothing.

And then there is the elite class of designer-developer, capable of doing both of these challenging tasks. Those people are exceedingly rare. Natasha is one of them.

Natasha is a creator who combines a flair for code, systems, and processes without sacrificing taste and a helpful design aesthetic.

You should hire Natasha and retain her talent by any means necessary.

Justin Harter
Agency Owner & Creative Director
Produces stunning and timely work.

Incredibly knowledgeable. Amazing attention to detail. Overall creates a beautiful finished product that any customer would be pleased with.

Shannon Yutz
Seeking Simplicity
An extremely skilled web developer and designer

Natasha is an extremely skilled web developer and designer with a professional, positive attitude and excellent style of work.

She hit every deadline and worked full-time on my websites while pregnant and even soon after having her baby! It has been more than a year since our first project, and I couldn’t have asked for better talent than her. I would highly recommend Natasha, but just ask that you don't take up all of her time so she can keep helping me with future projects. 😉

Viktoria Pieron

Answers to Your Questions

Balance passion with profit without sacrificing time or quality.

When we team up you can look forward to a cohesive brand that attracts your ideal clients, the systems to back up all those new clients, and 25+ years of experience holding your hand through it all.

If you’re wondering if it’s time to rebrand, book a free 15-minute (no-pitch) Brand Analysis. In this 15-minute consultation, we'll go over what's working for your brand, what's not, and why your business growth might be stuck on a plateau.

Want to skip the call?

You want it all, and you want it now? If you want to skip the chat and go straight to the next step send me a message and we'll see if you're a good fit for our Grand Rebrand process.


Branding that captivates vanishing attention spans.

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