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Dec 12

How I got into designing and coding

I viewed my first website source code when I was 13, and from that moment on I was OBSESSED with making websites.

But I kept it a secret for the most part.

I mean, they were for boybands (KTBSPA ????), actors, and tv shows I liked.

It was embarrassing ????

The subject matter, not the learning to design and code websites part.

That part changed my life.

But the trend of hiding this part of my life has carried throughout my adulthood.

Most people who know me IRL don’t know I’m a web developer and a systems strategist.

If anything they know me from the local McDonald’s drive through window.

That’s where I spent my twenties, on and off, trying to balance single motherhood with entrepreneurship.

I’m thankful for the time I spent there.

I met my husband there.

I made (SO MANY) lifelong friends there.

And I learned valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork, and customer experience.

Because happy customers (and clients) make your life easier.

And that’s why I do the work that I do today.

I help DFY service providers like brand and web designers, photographers, and accountants scale their business using systems and automation (aka websites that are integrated with all the tools and platforms that power their business) to elevate their client experience.

This allows them to focus on operating within their zone of genius while providing outstanding service to their clients.

Because the people I work with love to help, love to be of service, love to use their unique knowledge and experience to transform the lives of the people they work with.

And so do I.


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