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Is your brand next?

You dream of creating a legacy for future generations and you know you’re here to make a substantial impact with your company.

That logo you did in Canva and the website that took you a year to piece together aren’t cutting it anymore. Your business needs a presence that inspires your audience to work with you and the systems to support them (and you!) every step of the way.

Now you need the right strategy & systems to sustainably flourish and exceed your next goals.

Establish your authority and build trust with your audience.
Turn your paid and organic traffic into effortless conversions and sales.
Inspire confidence in what you offer and elevate how you present it.
An extremely skilled web developer and designer

Natasha is an extremely skilled web developer and designer with a professional, positive attitude and excellent style of work.

She hit every deadline and worked full-time on my websites while pregnant and even soon after having her baby! It has been more than a year since our first project, and I couldn’t have asked for better talent than her. I would highly recommend Natasha, but just ask that you don't take up all of her time so she can keep helping me with future projects. 😉

Viktoria Pieron

Your business is already in bloom… and yet, you feel in your bones that it’s capable of making a bigger impact.

Brand Magic: Brand Boards

An 8-week brand experience for folks who want to boldly stand out so that they can consistently communicate their value.

Investment starting at $4k

Produces stunning and timely work.

Incredibly knowledgeable. Amazing attention to detail. Overall creates a beautiful finished product that any customer would be pleased with.

Shannon Yutz
Seeking Simplicity

The Brand Magic Process

First, we’ll start with an in-depth discovery process and I'll distill that information into your Brand Foundation, a strategy guide detailing your overall messaging, positioning, audience, and 3 mood boards to choose from with key imagery, color palettes, and fonts.

After Brand Foundation approval, I’ll refine a single unique logo concept that perfectly encompasses your brand. Then I’ll present the full brand proposal over Zoom, and afterward, you’ll have an opportunity to make revisions.

Lastly, I’ll turn it all into a custom brand style guide that you can hand off to your team and contractors to ensure you stay on brand throughout your customer journey.

Hey there, I'm Natasha Cozad

When I got my start in web design, my clients usually came to me with a fuzzy logo that needed to be recreated digitally. But the internet evolved, and we’re all aware of how manipulative flashy branding and marketing can be.

If you don’t connect with your audience, you won’t last long. A strong brand helps you make the impact you're meant to make.

For years I exclusively built marketing systems, but I missed being able to elevate a business with branding, too. Everything from illustration, and color theory, to pattern design makes my heart sing, and when you pair it with simple systems that can sustain your business? Magic.

A rare combination of talent, skills, and empathy

There is a rare class of web developer who can take a website mockup or site plan in almost any condition and just run with it. There is an equally rare class of web designer that can make something out of almost nothing.

And then there is the elite class of designer-developer, capable of doing both of these challenging tasks. Those people are exceedingly rare. Natasha is one of them.

Natasha is a creator who combines a flair for code, systems, and processes without sacrificing taste and a helpful design aesthetic.

You should hire Natasha and retain her talent by any means necessary.

Justin Harter
Agency Owner & Creative Director
Legacy Design: Reagan & Oasis

You'll need the brand to match if you’re going to evolve into an empire.

Branding that captivates vanishing attention spans.

Are you next?