Brutal Uterus

Brutal Uterus

I created a podcast and blog called Brutal Uterus to help people survive life with a uterus.

In 2020, I underwent a total hysterectomy in an effort to cure my debilitating endometriosis.

This podcast is a way for me to share what it’s been like to live without a uterus and give others who are walking the same path a place to commiserate.

Brand Design

The spark for this podcast actually came from a line I wrote in my journal. It was a note I don’t remember making, that I stumbled upon months later and at that moment – I saw it. The prickly, broken uterus with flowery growths. That juxtaposition of beauty and decay became the driving imagery of the brand identity.

In less than 72 hours I had designed the entire identity.

Hover Me
Hover Me
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Responsive Logo Suite

Primary Lockup


Fonts & Heirarchy
Brand Pop
Brand Accent


Web Design
The cornerstone process for Brutal Uterus took a different shape than most of my projects. Since the podcast was the central focus, I started by designing a hero header that would highlight the latest episode. I went on to flesh it out with a grid of blog posts and a CTA to subscribe to the newsletter.

Project Credits

Tech Stack

Brand Designer
Page Builder
Brutal Uterus - Desk Mockup

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